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Sometimes, Simply Recognizing The Storm, Will Allow It To Pass




Tai Chi Chuan, the great ultimate, strengthens the weak, raises the sick, invigorates the debilitated, and encourages the timid.

Cheng Man-ch’ing

Everything Has Beauty But Not Everyone Sees it


NuBalance is a network of modalities for healing the mind, body, and soul.

I have found that you can’t work on one without impacting on the others.

This collection of products and practices, although diverse, are very effective when combined on a daily basis. Retreats for relaxation, for example, include Tai Chi, Qigung, breathing practices and Yoga. My nutritional practices with water, minerals, and whole foods help detoxify as well as supplement your diet.


Combined and practiced daily creates an environment for whole body wellness.


Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is a martial art based upon the principals of Chinese medicine, spiritual harmony, and meditation. It utilizes slow movements to strengthen the muscles, improve coordination and increase flexibility. The breathing methods practiced in Tai Chi enhance deep relaxation of body and mind. Through the centuries, this peaceful “martial way” has proven effective in relieving stress and in improving a person’s general well-being.  More…

Balance Body

Tai Chi’s graceful forms incorporate deep breathing, relaxation and a full range of movement to release blocked energy and allow Chi to flow naturally again. This supports the body to heal and develop strength, vitality, calm and clarity.  Tai Chi is an ideal lifelong exercise that is accessible for all levels of ability.  More…

Balance Mind

In today’s hectic world, where life is fast-paced and pressured, Tai Chi helps us to slow down and re-balance ourselves. By focusing on the gentle movements, the mind becomes clear and calm – free from the concerns of daily life. As the body moves smoothly and gently through a series of postures, known as a Form, circulation is activated, and the muscles begin to work in a relaxed but dynamic way.  More…

Motivational Videos

Watch an inspirational video and be inspired. We have gathered a few videos for your watching pleasure and to be motivated to live a healthier life.  More...

Holistic Healing Recommendations

To help you experience the benefits of holistic living, we like to recommend several books, videos and other products that can help you with your body and mind transformation.  More…

Holistic Nutritions

Nutritional products to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.  More…